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Generic Property is a participation proposition that aims to offer increased levels of autonomy to individuals while at the same time enhancing the power of their collective. Autonomy is achieved through participation in the creation of review based meta-scores for different subjects. Power is primarily attained by self-organisation in what I call Organized Autonomous Consumerism. A central notion in Generic Property is that the third millennium stance of technology has created immense opportunities for practical augmentation of the democratic ideal. 

Meta-scores consist of different weighed elements that contribute to one overall percentage-score. Using metascores allows for simple and straight forwarded conclusions, without the need for oversimplification in the scoring process. Much debate will be needed to construct a high quality scoring system. Here is the prototype system I propose:

Object --> In depth reviews of object(free for all) --> reviewers assign scores to different features of object(hidden) --> Users +1 or -1 reviews --> Metascores weighed by popularity of different reviews.