Dear American friends,

I’m very glad that I can address you in this greeting speech. I think now, the world is passing through a very critical moment that concerns not only us Russians, or Europeans. Well I think [it concerns] every living man or woman, it also concerns the American people.

The actual modern world is losing its identity, its cultural identity. Civilization is in great danger and maybe its greatest danger in all of human history. Because the development of actual technological, modern, materialistic, atheistic secular civilization has led humanity to the moment, to the point where [...]the human being as such is being put under question.

So now we are losing our human identity, coming to the last point of posthuman transformation.

I consider the reason for this degradation, fall, decay, for this collapse, is individualistic modern liberal ideology. It’s very important to understand what liberalism really means. The very essence of liberal ideology affirms that human individuality is the measure of things, not the human being, not man, but the individual. This concept tries to liberate the individual from any existent links with community, with collective identity. The essence of liberal ideology is invitation, to liberate the individual of any kind of collective identity. This began with the liberation from the church, the religious leaders and ties. The religion was proclaimed to be a purely individual decision. If religions depends on the purely individual decision, we refuse to recognize the collective identity. The Church became something optional, something relative.

This was the first blow to the European Christian society received from the modern liberal ideology. After [religion], it was the nation, the ethnic community that was dismembered by liberalism. Because any existent collectivity was conceived to be a sum of parts, with the constitutive role played by the the atomic individual part. If the part is the whole, you can create, starting from these parts any kind of society. Society and collective identity become optional, and the result of purely individual decisions. So that was the next step.

This conception, church, or nation, or ethnic group, or community is [then] considered to be something conventional we can organise. Starting from one kind of religion, or one kind of nation, we could dismember them and create something other than its [original] form. Everything becomes optional and becomes the result purely of individual decision.

The next point on this liberal agenda was gender politics. Because after their victory over the church and victory over the nation and [their proclamation of]a world civil society, the liberals have discovered that sexual identity is something collective as well. [Men and women] experience a shared identity, but individualism is against this shared identity. Because an individual should [be able to] choose any kind of identity. This is the time of the gender politics, after the destruction of the church, or religious identity and national identity, after proclaiming one world civil society and the human rights agenda [they turned to] gender politics. Now to be a man or to be a woman is an optional choice, a circumstantial condition, as was [already] the case with religious and national identity. You could choose to be christian, you could choose to be American, you could choose to be a woman or a man. All this, is completely logic from the liberal standpoint.

Now gender politics [has ended up] as the main strategy of modern liberalism, that is winning on a world scale. Maybe we could discuss which country [benefits] from this liberal agenda, [but surely it’s] more important for the global liberal elite than any national interest of the USA or Russia or Europe. It is the globalist elite that imposes this liberal agenda on everybody, destroying any form of collective identity. In this individualist strategy, American society in its collective dimension, communitarian dimension, [American society] as the community of Anglo-Saxon, European groups, the settlers that have created the United States, is now in danger. As well as other ethnic or cultural or historic collectivities.

The American people is endangered in the same way, maybe even more than the rest of humanity. The [American government] may be be winning on the international geostrategic scale, but inside the American people, there is a growing abyss, that is a kind of degradation, the great inner-catastrophe of the American identity. This is coming nearer to everybody [in America] and everybody [in Russia]. This is a universal phenomenon[...]. You are in the center of this sedation, we are on the periphery.

So, we could consider the present struggle as the kind of tension, as the cold war between ‘The West’ and ‘Russia’ or between ‘The West’ and the rest. But in truth, it is something different, it is an inner, global struggle between the liberal agenda[...] and the forces, the groups of people that don’t agree with the global course of the liberal elites.

We are on the same side. It is not the problem of American identity against Russian identity, of Western societies against Eurasian societies, the problem is quite different. The problem is that we are approaching the moment of the great collapse of man. Because the essence of man is based on a collective identity. We are men because we are all men, we are men as something whole. It is very important, that with these gender politics that prevail in the West, the gender politics we try to oppose in Russia[...], are not the last step in the globalist liberal strategy. The last step will be the end of the human identity. To be human [bears] collective identity. So it will be made an optionable choice, like today we have the right to choose man or woman. Tomorrow we will have the right to choose our species. To choose whether to be human or not to be human. Your individual right in this posthumanist society will be the free choice to find or imagine your identity. This last step is the most dangerous challenge we’ll have in the near future. The transhumanist, posthumanist future. The liberal agenda will inevitably put us in this situation.

Today, we [Russians] are struggling to conserve our sexual identity. In the west this struggle is already over, as Hillary Clinton said that gender politics is the most important ideological thesis in the global expansion of American life. For the American political elite, to promote these gender politics, this is an important ideological goal. We Russians, consider the West as the core of these gender politics, it’s completely justified. But tomorrow, the same globalist elite if they continue, I’m absolutely sure they will continue this same strategy, they will declare the necessity to declare a posthuman identity. To render our human identity as something optional. So now we are confronted with this challenge, not the challenge of Russians against Americans, Westerners against Eurasiers. I think the problem is deeper. This confrontation between the West and Putin’s Russia is the confrontation between postmodern and posthuman society and the traditional human, conservative society.

There are not only two regions of the world and not only two societies, two countries, two competing geopolitical bodies. It’s something deeper than that and I think that in the United States of America, that there should be some groups of people that understand the seriousness of this challenge and that they will react against it, defending American values, defending American identity, defending American tradition. Not Russian, you could hate us, you could be indifferent toward Russians, but that is secondary. It’s no problem to be pro-Putin or to be against him. What is much more important? To defend American identity, Christian identity, ethnic identity, cultural identity, sexual identity? Or to be on the other side, on the side of the liberal globalist elites who now are in the last stage of creating their world government that will enslave everybody on the earth. Not only us [Russians], we are under direct attack of this world government. Maybe you[Americans] will be the first victims of these globalist elites. Not us, because we are opposing, we are struggling against them. Maybe we will lose, who knows. Maybe we will win, with God's help. Do you understand this danger less than we do?

[...]The American thinkers, the people that defend the American identity, maybe they understand better than others the real amount of danger you are dealing with. And everybody in the world now, is dealing with. So my idea is not to give a geopolitical lesson to the American people. You have your own geopolitical agenda, and it’s normal and logical that you follow this agenda. But I would like to attract your attention to the real challenge we’re dealing with. This challenge, this problem, danger and catastrophe of this ruling liberal globalist elite that tries to create a world government. Destroying any kind of organic community, organic societies with prevailing collective identities.

So, the destruction of the Church and Christian civilization. Destruction of the nations, of ethnic cultures, destruction of the sexual identity and the affirmation of [their] gender politics is the ultimate stage of the final catastrophe that is approaching. It is the destruction of the human identity. All these are stages of the same process, the same, of so called progress which is [really] a kind of fall into abyss.

The last point of my message is, that we couldn’t save the human identity, we couldn’t save our sexual identity, we couldn’t save our ethnic identity or religious identity, without saving all of them at the same time[...] we need to restore all levels of this collective identity. So we will need to oppose liberalism in its essence [...] I can’t see how we could succeed at that without having a new kind of theory. An anti-liberal theory, but not fascist nor communist nor any theory belonging to the past. We need to look to the future and we must give a new answer to this challenge. I suppose this answer could come from the context of the Fourth Political Theory which is an invitation to create, to imagine a new alternative to the liberal agenda. I think that, in the context of the fourth political theory, we couldn't impose our understanding of what we need. Nor Russians, nor Europeans. It should be created, it should be born in your minds, in your spirits.

I think we need to imagine, to create, to elaborate, to construct an American version of the fourth political theory. That could be very different from the Russian or the European or Islamic or Iranian or Chinese. Everybody needs an alternative, but everybody, every nation needs its own alternative. It should be constructed based on the concrete, historical, cultural, religious, spiritual experience of everybody. So we need to gather, to create differentiated types of this fourth political theory and I think Americans should imagine, should construct this American version by themselves.

I would like to thank you for your attention, and I think that beyond any form of hostilities, beyond the misunderstanding of our peoples, we should not blame each other. We shouldn’t be American-phobic or Russian-phobic. The real guilt is on the liberal internationalists, globalist elites, whose behavior isn’t a reflection of American interests or Western interests. These elites have their own agenda that goes against American interests, against the American people, against any kind of organic culture in the world. So we have the common enemy, [...] this enemy is building the Tower of Babylon. We have to fight together, understand each other in the context of the fourth political theory[...]

Last, I would like to stress that I think it is necessary to overcome, and go beyond the narrow horizon of the political ideologies that don’t correspond with reality. We need to put aside, we need to forget. We need no communist solution, nor racist solution, nor fascist solution, nor nationalist solution. We need to imagine something different.

I wish you courage and I wish you success in this transcendental act of overcoming the old impasses of the political ideologies and in creating a new platform to save America. Save America from the globalist elite that have usurped, that have seized [and have taken] the American people hostage.